The 39 Steps 2021

The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow is a heart-stopping noir thriller based on Hitchcock’s 1935 murder-mystery masterpiece and John Buchan’s juicy spy novel! This wonderfully deranged comedy features five actors, playing a multitude of roles using fast-paced fun, thrilling action and riotous invention.

Set in 1930s London, the story follows the painfully British and devastatingly handsome, Richard Hannay, who finds himself in the clutches of a mysterious woman, Anabella Schmidt, who has uncovered a plot called “The 39 Steps”. Before you know it, Richard becomes a notorious fugitive, hurtled from London to Scotland’s most remote highlands, jumping through windows and onto trains as he tries to escape spies and cunning murderers, before finding love whilst handcuffed to a beautiful woman.

January 04, 2021


Main Stage Productions
Directed by our Artistic Director, Cindy Sykes


  • Cein D’Costa as Richard Hannay
  • Robyn Payne as Pamela Edwards
  • Michael Petrie as Clown 1
  • Ashley Coyte as Clown 2
  • Cindy Sykes as Annabella & Margaret

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